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PS3 Error 80010017

Although this is mostly going to be a blog based around computing, I am also going to sharing my other interest with you guys...
Game consoles!!!
In the future I will put up a tutorial regarding installation of custom firmware onto your PS3 console but before I get to that here is some help for those of you who already have custom firmware 4.30 etc installed and are having the following message when you attempt to install PSN content:
"An error occured during the start operation.  (80010017)".
Basically this error is caused because the package you are trying to run has not been "signed" for use with firmware higher than 3.55.
In order to get around this you need to manually resign the "EBOOT.BIN" file within the package and then everything should work fine.
You may also need to obtain an up-to-date patch for the game and I will provide a list of those (if required) but they are available from all the normal sources.
You will need an ftp program (I recommend Filezilla Client as it is free and works really well).
Download the latest version here
Also you will need the program 4.21 Eboot Redesigner (works fine with 4.30+) Download it here

Ok now that you have everything you need, we can get started...

Go into multiman (guide to install will follow) on your PS3 and find your IP address (it should be located on the bottom of the screen.  If not then click LB or RB on the controller to change your view.
Please make sure your internet connection is enabled and on the same network as your PC otherwise this won't work.
Once you have the IP address, open Filezilla Client.  In the top left where it says "host" type in your IP address ie. then simply click "quickconnect" no username or password required.
If you haven't already extracted the "4.21 Eboot", do that now and navigate to that folder on the left hand side of Filezilla.
On the right side you will see the directory structure of the PS3.
You will need to click on "dev_hdd0" and within that folder you need to enter a folder called "game".
Inside this folder there should be lots of other folders with names like "NPUB30377" each one of these folders represents a game or program installed on your PS3's internal hard drive.
You need to find the one that pertains to the game you are trying to fix (google is your friend).
If you really can't find the info then you can always go through the folders one by one and checkout the icon png files until you find the correct one for your game.  If you still have the original pkg file then they usually include the game code within the title of the file.
Once you have located the correct folder for the game you are trying to fix there are 2 areas of interest, the first in the file "PARAM.SFO", you will find this in the root of your folder.  The second is "EBOOT.BIN" which is the file we are going to patch.  You will normally find "EBOOT.BIN" in the "USRDIR" folder.
Download both the "PARAM.SFO" and"EBOOT.BIN" files into the "4.21Eboot Redesigner" folder and delete the "EBOOT.BIN" from the USRDIR on the PS3 as you will no longer need this file once you have transferred it to the PC.
Minimize Filezilla Client for now and go into the folder "4.21 Eboot Redesigner," double click the file "PARAM.SFO" and open with notepad.  This will open a jumbled text document but inside you will find the name of the game most importantly for this process, the game code of the title in question ie "NPUB30377".
Select the code and copy it then you can close the notepad document.
Now run the file "redesigner.bat", a command prompt window will open and ask you to input a selection 1, 2 or 0.  Choose "2" for "NPDRM Eboot redesign".  Next it will ask you to input the file "EBOOT.BIN" into the folder, but as we have already done this you can simply press enter.
When asked for Content-ID right click in the window and left click paste followed by enter to input the code you copied earlier from "PARAM.SFO".
The process will then take place quite quickly and then next dialogue will ask you to input selection, this time enter "0" to exit and the command prompt will close.
You should now have an extra file in your folder named "EBOOT.BIN.BAK" this is a backup of the original "EBOOT.BIN" file and should not be needed again, the one we are interested in is the "EBOOT.BIN" file.
Go back into Filezilla and make sure that you are still inside the "USRDIR" folder.  Drag and drop the "EBOOT.BIN" file from the left hand side "4.21 Eboot Redesigner" folder into the "USRDIR" folder on your PS3.  If you did not delete the "EBOOT.BIN" file before it will now ask you which action you wish to take and you just need to select "overwrite".
Quit multiman on your PS3 and try to reload the game you have just fixed.
You should find it now works perfectly!!! Yay!
You can now close Filezilla Client on your computer and delete the files "EBOOT.BIN", "EBOOT.BIN.BAK" and "PARAM.SFO" from your "4.21 Eboot Resdesigner" directory so that it is clear for the next time you wish to use it.

That's it, the process is the same for any PSN games giving you the error code 80010017.
I will make a Youtube video on this soon as it is much easier done in reality then it seems written down (the whole process only takes a couple of minutes) but I have tried to be as thorough as possible as other guides I have read have missed important steps.

Keep Rockin and Have Fun!

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